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Our goal, first and foremost, is to bring joy into the lives of children who need it the most. We strive to be role models, inspirational figures, and an overall positive moment in their life so that we can bring smiles to their faces.


Our state coordinator, Davina Nguyen, was inspired by the original Princesses With A Purpose which is located in Atlanta (GA) under the direction of Miranda Bryant. After contacting Miranda, Davina spearheaded a new chapter of Princesses with a Purpose in Texas, and thus, our adventures began with several hospital visits.


As the Princesses made more and more hospital visits they saw the joy that the Princesses brought to the children. Whether they could communicate or not, the Princesses could feel the excitement of the children in every ward or room that they visited.

Our mission...

To bring hope, joy, love, and happiness to children everywhere!


Georgia, USA

Texas, USA

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